Hello Magazine Article

Hello Magazine Article

Hello, Hello. These are some of my favorite events – a cocktail cheersn’ worthy blend of fashion, glam and great people. Never ceases to amaze that the lineup of guests to get illustrations done is never ending…no really, I am the last one to pack up and leave and still illustrating as I exit through the doors.


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    • Antojitos
    • November 25, 2012
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    Love Picture Number 5. My husband stlils laughs at me when I say that the Delta smells like cotton in the fall. He continually tells me that it is just the insecticides. My father and grandfather were both cotton farmers just north of Shelby. What wonderful memories your beautiful pictures bring back to me. Having left the area many, many years ago, your pictures help to remind me of all the wonderful years growing up. No family members reside in the Delta anymore and therefore my memories are what I have left. Thank you for your great pictures.

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