Branding a brand spankn’ new site

Branding a brand spankn’ new site

It was time for a make-over, an online make-over that is – fashionably late of course  but better late than never.   Needless to say, I have been busy painting + illustrating – glad you have made it to my new + improved site. Many thanks to Alexander from  @ Virtually(Creative) who has been a wonderful assistant…ok, who’s kidding who, Al has been the art director and production manager for this new site.  And I cannot forget to mention Afroza as I could not have existed in the virtual world without her. Click  here to  see the original site if you’re missing it – as there are additional art images that didn’t make the cut this time around.



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    • Beckie
    • September 17, 2012
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    Haha, would the real Beckie Di Leo please stand up. ... getting there - thanks Al!

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